Design + Prototype Circuits With Ease

Design with community-contributed reference circuits and projects

Develop Arduino code

Create wiring diagrams

Order parts from the Bill of Materials

About Cirkit Designer

Cirkit Designer is a one-stop-shop for designing and prototyping circuit projects, especially for beginners, students, hobbyists, and semi-professionals

With Cirkit Designer, you can create wiring diagrams for your circuit, develop code with the built-in IDE, and purchase parts for a project from the Bill of Materials.

In addition, you can kickstart your design from Cirkit Designer's library of reference circuit designs. Reference designs include detailed documentation and tutorials, component and wiring information, and code – basically everything you need to understand how the circuit works and how to use it in your design.

Create Professional Circuit Diagrams

An intuitive interface makes circuit diagramming easy

Access over 1,000 parts in Cirkit Designer's built-in library

Easily create new components with Cirkit Designer's component creator

Auto-wire-routing makes placing wires easier

Arduino IDE

Cirkit Designer has a powerful IDE, powered by VS-Code and Arduino

Compile and upload your code to Arduino boards within the IDE

Bill Of Materials

Obtain links to purchase the parts in your circuit

Real-time part pricing and availability

Access to part datasheets

Reference Circuit Designs

Access a library of verified circuit designs and projects, contributed by the community

Search for reference circuits by component or functionality

Import a reference circuit to your project

Reference circuits include documentation, wiring, code, and part info - everything you need to understand and use the circuit in your project

Community Forum

If you would like to share your circuit projects, check out cool projects others have posted, or meet other members of our community, please check out our Discord community!

This is also a great place to share your experiences with Cirkit Designer, any feedback you may have, feature requests, and bug reports.