Design + Prototype Circuits With Ease

Design, document & share your circuits easily with Cirkit Studio

About Cirkit Studio

Cirkit Studio is a circuit design software application for beginners, students, hobbyists, and pros that supports circuit layout, debugging, and documentation.

Longer-term, Cirkit Studio will become a one-stop-shop for circuit design, simulation, coding, and prototyping by incorporating circuit simulation, an Arduino-friendly IDE, and protoboard + PCB layout.

Design Circuits With An Exhaustive and Extendible Components Library

Drag and drop to easily add components to a circuit

Search to quickly find components

Easily create new components with our component creator

Automatically Render Beautiful Schematics

Intelligently draws wires to avoid overlap

Assigns unique wire colors for better visualization

Circuit Debugging

Have you ever struggled to track down a mistake in your circuit, perhaps overwhelmed by a large number of wires?

Cirkit Studio makes it easy to systematically inspect each of your wire "net" connections to very quickly fix that pesky mistake.

By enabling a wire connection in the rightmost debugging panel, that wire net becomes visible for inspection.

Exciting features coming soon

Arduino IDE

You will be able to write and upload code to your Arduino from within Cirkit Studio! In addition to consolidating the number of software tools you need to use, your circuit and code will be intelligently linked. A change in wiring will update variable definitions in your code.

Wiring Recommendations

Cirkit Studio will recommend wire connections when you add a new component to your circuit, which can save you time connecting routine components such as LED displays and sensors.

Circuit Simulation

Cirkit Studio will be able to simulate analog circuit components, and reproduce audible and visual circuit behavior (flashing LEDs, sounds, etc). For more advanced users, you will also be able to visualize voltages and currents in your circuits.

Community Forum

If you would like to share your circuit projects, check out cool projects others have posted, or meet other members of our community, please check out our community forum!

This is also a great place to share your experiences with Cirkit Studio, any feedback you may have, feature requests, and bug reports.